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132 Career Tips for Women -
The Radical Life Makeover Coach

Melody R Green

If it’s been a while since you looked for a new job, the chances are the job market has changed while you’ve been employed.

To keep ahead of the rest, it’s wise to have the best tips for the process at your finger tips and 132 Career Tips for Women e-book gives you these.

No matter if you are a first time job hunter, looking to change industry sectors, re-entering the workforce, consolidating your career or enhancing your direction 132 Career Tips for Women has been written with you in mind.

The better you understand what motivates a boss when hiring staff, or know the tips that help you engage better with time poor recruiters, the easier your job process will be. This knowledge will build your self-confidence by allowing you to appreciate what you have to offer a prospective employer.

Filled with practical tips and strategies, let 132 Career Tips for Women help you make your next career move and see the difference.




About the Author

Teisha Rose

Melody R Green, The Radical Life Makeover Coach, has spent the last 10 years working in the field of career counselling and employee engagement. In 2008, in response to a skills shortage and lack of local employee engagement, Melody created the Sydney Jobs Fairs (2008 -2009) and was nominated for the 2009 Telstra Women in Business Award because of her accomplishment.

Melody has worked in diverse industry sectors such as education, entertainment, transport and logistics, agriculture, hospitality, business services, and health. It was during her time as a counsellor that she first came across women who were feeling disconnected from their careers.  Years later, after she had moved into youth career counselling, she realized women were still struggling with the same issue and needed different resources to support the way they think and make choices in their careers and lives.

Melody has worked in a variety of companies from large multinationals, not-for-profit organizations, trade organizations, a family business, and educational facilities.  It is this broad-based range of experience that enables her to have a wide understanding of various employers’ staffing requirements.

Reader Reviews

“This was a much easier format to use as a reference when I was applying for jobs as all the tips and strategies were in one place. Thanks Melody for all your help.”
    — Maria, Sydney NSW

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