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"Dharma Philosophy"

B. Cumming

Meditations of Lama Dharma DingDong

One who communicates the Dharma of the awakened mind is like the skeleton that points in the direction of the moon. They are not the moon.

This book is a chronological, and in-depth exploration of philosophical quotes throughout recorded human history, from Thales in Ancient Greece to Tim Minchin in modernity. Four attributed quotes were selected from each philosopher, as samples that indicated the direction of their perspectives that formed the basis of their philosophies on a range of topics concerning the human experience. One quote per day was memorised, and then investigated within the meditative process to encourage new insights at the stage where the sense of self-existence is suspended and conditioned bias removed from the thoughts that arise during the latter stages of the process. After each session, a further period of contemplation and reflection outside of the meditative process resulted in this series of stand-alone, secular western Dharma communications, that make up the content of this book. The book acts as a quick and easy reference guide to the history and development of philosophy and also provides the opportunity for those who meditate to use the content and method used to realize their insights within their meditation practice.















"Dharma Philosophy" : Meditations of Lama Dharma DingDong by B. Cumming
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