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Elusive Dreams

Floriminda Edar Reid

A sequel to Moonless Night

Love is the very food of life–or the death of it. Alana’s life changed forever the night she learned the dark and seductive truth of blood–and those who crave it.

So far, she has managed to keep the secret from her mother, but her increasing involvement with the immortals has brought many things into her life. But the price she must pay for the thrill of an intoxicating romance with Christian may be higher than she can bear. Her life now is tinged with fear and danger, as well as a love that could span the centuries.

Desperate after being hunted by the hideous Restless, Alana accepts the invitation from the ancients of the Other Forest. In their protection lies her only hope for survival, but that hope is short-lived. The ancients need her help.
The more willing Alana is to help the ancients, the more she is drawn into their lives and terrors. Soon, she will learn the mystery of her own ancestry–and that knowledge will haunt her. Alana is given a dangerous task on the White Mountain–a realm of dark forces where she battles both life and death.
Only time will tell whether the Restless and the renegade vampires that allied with the Dark Forces will be able to stop Alana’s quest. With his immortal powers distorted by the dark, Christian may not be able to protect Alana from the wrath of the witch–or himself from the murderous intentions of a rival.


About the Author

Floriminda Edar Reid an avid reader who writes part time, has a Bachelor of Science degree in commerce and a Diploma of Professional Writing (Novel Writing and Publishing). Her first novel, Moonless Night, is the first novel of her vampire series. She and her daughter live in Melbourne, Australia.








Elusive Dreams by Floriminda Edar Reid
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ISBN: 9781925171419
Format: Paperback C 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 340 pages
RRP: $19.95 (ebook $4.99)
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Paranormal Romance Fiction
Distribution: Contact Vivid