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Dr Christian Heim

(how to, using neuroplasticity)

I’ll never forgive you!!
Have you ever said this? It makes you feel justified and vindicated but also leaves you angry, resentful and bitter. It weighs you down.
– Are past hurts overwhelming you?
– Is life a tangled web of regret and pain?
– Want to let go of it all?
– Want to feel free?
Forgiveness can do this for you.
But isn’t forgiveness only some sort of religious thing?

This book is based on science. It is a manual, a guide to equip you with skills to effectively forgive and feel free. It has been developed through decades of clinical experience and the science of neuro-plasticity (“brain shaping”). From letting go of lesser hurts to coping with major abuses, this book will help clear your slate of heavy emotions. It will ease your burden.

What is forgiveness? How is it helpful? How can I not just decide to forgive but really feel free of pain? What’s in it for me? Can I forgive myself? Can I forgive someone who has died? What about abusers? These and other questions are explored and answered.

As a psychiatrist specializing in overcoming the devastating effects of trauma, I encounter people grappling with forgiveness in extreme cases. Many reach it and are healthier and happier. This book evolved from my work with these brave people.

Forgiveness helps you feel free. It has amazing health benefits.
Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.


About the Author

Doctor Christian Heim BMed (hons),PhD, FRANZCP, is a consultant psychiatrist in private practice in Australia. A Churchill Fellow and recipient of innovation and other awards, his areas of expertise include alleviating the effects of trauma and couple’s therapy where mental illness is involved. Formerly, he was a classical musician and lecturer at several universities. He continues to play music and lecture. Doctors Christian Heim and Caroline Heim research in, and give talks and seminars on, fostering relationships to help prevent mental illness.


What's Inside

Chapter One – Why Forgive?

Chapter Two – The Principles of Neuroplasticity

Chapter Three – The Seven Steps of Forgiveness

Chapter Four – Two Core Skills: Modulating Thoughts

Chapter Five – Applying Neuroplasticity & The Skills

Chapter Six – Troubleshooting 215

Chapter Seven – Special Cases 245

Chapter Eight – A Life of Forgiveness 282




forgive (how to, using neuroplasticity)
                            by Dr Christian Heim
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ISBN: 978-1-925846-34-8   
Format: Paperback 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 318 pages
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