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Foul Play

Carol Richmond

A Golf Club Contaminated

Why was body of the club’s general manager found in a hazard at the Peninsular Golf Club and why did several members of the club have reason to kill him?

As detectives from Manly Police Station delve into the cause of the general manager’s death they are bewildered with the intrigue and secrets that bind several members of the club and seriously hinder their investigation.

Amanda Plummer was 15 and pregnant when her parents sent her to a church home for unmarried mothers. Like many families, the stigma associated with having a pregnant, unmarried daughter was too much for the family to bear within their close-knit community. Forced to relinquish her baby in 1972 Amanda is desperate to reconnect with the child that has been missing from her life for forty years. Her search coincides with the murder investigation that unwittingly involve a number of key members of the Peninsular Golf Club.

Foul Play is a murder mystery highlighting the incredibly distressing issues associated with the forced adoption policies that were once common practice by governments across Australia.


Absolutely above par. Author, Carol Richmond has successfully played the perfect pitch shot in the development of this absorbing murder mystery. Foul Play is an intriguing, page-turning whodunit set on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches.


About the Author

Matt Schlyder

Carol Richmond is a retired school principal having worked in primary, secondary and special schools in NSW, Australia for 36 years. Carol lives in Sydney, NSW. She is  passionate about sport and was introduced to golf after her retirement. Carol enjoys travel and overseas home exchanges with her husband and friends. Foul Play is Carol’s first novel.









Foul Play by Carol Richmond
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Extent: 200 pages
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