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Galaxy Battle League - Part One

Tim O'Bree

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The 8 part Galaxy Battle League series will take you on a journey that will cast light on so much you don't understand on Earth.

An unasuming, single father's unbridled love for his daughter will drag him through the deadliest of Universal competitions. Coming to grips with an understanding of the simplest of forces, his ability to control something that has, for so long, gone mis-understood on his home planet, is countered by the fact that so many others can do like wise. Repeatedly tested wthin an inch of his life, this humble and quiet man stands alone on behalf of his planet and must survive where not one of us has before. Surrounded by so much violence, he will find a friendship that transends skin colour and the love of one he he'd be best to stear clear of. As he finds foes in those who are feared throughout the galaxies, his most elusive and dangerous enemy still remains within himself. With the blanket of blindness dipped in lighter fluid and lit before its eyes, his home planet too, must come to grips with a new world and their place within it.

Brimming with suspense, love, corruption, lies and Universal politics, the Galaxy Battle League is masterminded on extremely detailed and clever science. The Galaxy Battle League series is unlike any speculative fiction piece you've read before.


... from the cover..

Little is known of Tuis within the Galaxies.

A quiet planet that sits within the Universe like a tennis ball on the neighbour's roof.

A relatively intelligent species, the inhabitants of Tuis are not the first to have crucially mis understand the force they refer to as gravity.

Through closed eyes the young planet of Tuis have witnessed countless cases of its manipulation, from unique stories of short term strength to a religious mans ability to walk on water.

More than 2,500 visits have seen more than 40,000 inhabitants of the planet taken to compete and with each and every one, the planets' opportunity for awakening, has failed before it really begun.

Unbeknowns and out of sight for so long, its lonely dance through space will come to an end when it is finally granted connection to the unique GBL network and essentially the Universe, something only facilitated once at least one being from that planet has successfully passed the first round.

The primary species of Tuis will refer to this day, locally, as the 30th August, 2024.

Welcome to part 1 of the epic 8 part series.

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About the Author

Tim O'Bree - Author

Tim O'Bree was best understood as a political editorial cartoonist. At 25 years of age Tim became the youngest professional cartoonist in the country. He also featured in the Walkley and was nominated twice for Best Editorial Cartoonist. Tim also published two comic books.
He has finally turned his hand to the GBL project which he has worked on for many years.

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Galaxy Battle League by Tim O'Bree
ISBN: 9781922022219
Format: Paperback C 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 476 pages
RRP: $29.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: General Fiction.
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