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Gluten-Free KISS Method of Cooking

Sandy Koutalis

When cooking gluten-free you must read the fine print on labels. I have garnered an endorsement from the Coeliac Society of Australia with all the recipes in the gluten free kiss method of cooking. Through trial and error I have a selection of recipes that are delightful for everybody, from soups such as vegetable soup to chicken involtini [a good dinner time fare], a creamy yummy baked cheesecake or a simple, tasty tuna bake. Yum for the whole family.
Sandy Koutalis is medically retired from teacher/librarian position [due to MS] yet still loves to direct cooking for her family and friends such as the lemon coconut slice or Sandy’s Sensational Lasagne or anyone of the varied recipes. The KISS Method of Cooking allows expansion of creativity within your kitchen realm. No more mundane cooking!

gluten free food

Whats Inside

Apple strudel 103
Avgolemony 58

Bacon cheese and rice pie 30
Bacon and bean stew 29
Bacon and two bean soup 59
Baked cheesecake 83
Baked custard 68
Basic shortbread 99
Basic white sauce 20
Beef and walnuts 19
Bread and butter pudding [with chocolate] 69
Broccoli and Walnuts 46

Cake pastry [Sweet egg pastry] 93
Caramel dumplings 89
Cheats fried Rice 42
Cheesecake brownie 85
Chicken and almonds 14
Chicken and fried noodle salad 16
Chicken involtini 18
Chicken parmigiana 12
Chicken sandwiches 17
Chicken and pesto strudels 15
Choc bit slice 70
Choc chip cookies 76
Chocolate brownies 92
Chocolate fudge cake 98
Chocolate ice cream 80
Chocolate nougat [chocolate pate] 88
Chocolate self saucing pudding 87
Chocolate shortbread 100
Coconut slice 77
Corn cakes 67
Corned Silverside 28
Country pasta with Philly 50
Clafoutis [baked Cherry custard] 73

Date loaf 72

Filling for Custard Tart 94
Frittata 36

Granita 81

Honey joys 101

Icing 75

James simple and yummy salad 27

Lamb and beef kaftas 48
Lasagne 37
Leek and potato soup 62
Lemon cheese [butter] 102
Lemon Coconut slice 79
Lemon meringue pie 96
Macadamia Caramel filling for Tart 95
Macadamia cheesecake log 84
Mango and two minutes noodle salad 45
Meatballs 49
Mini lemon custard pavlovas 97

Onion soup 61

Pancakes 64
Pasta frittata 53
Peach Kuchen 90
Pikelets 65
Philly and spinach calzone 52
Potato and corn relish 44
Puff n stuff 31
Pumpkin broccoli and pasta 51
Pumpkin, pasta with sage and browned butter 41

Rice salad 34
Rich chocolate gelato 82
Rich chocolate cake 71
Rissoni 55
Risotto 35
Roast lamb 32

Sandy’s sensational lasagne 13
Sausage tart 47
Scones 66
Steak Normandy 33
Stewed apples 74
Sweet potato and pineapple salad 39
Sweet potato with butter 40
Sweet potato mash 43

Tuna bake 22
Tuna and corn tart 25
Tuna fish cakes 26
Tuna Mornay 21
Tuna pasta with lemon & Parmesan 24
Tuna shepherds pie 23

Vegetable soup 60
Viennese biscuits 78

Warm potato salad 38




KISS Method of Cooking
Published : November 2012
Format : Coil Bound A5-format 108pp
RRP: $20.00
ISBN : 9781922022288
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Cooking -- Recipes

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