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Hidden Thorns

Marie-Rose Fox

A true story

No one ever fully recovers from the death of a child. Marie-Rose Fox wanted to be someone who was happy—not hiding from the world, or bitter and angry. She knew that forgiveness was the way to peace, but how could she ever forgive her daughter’s murderer?

Though the murder was violent and senseless, Marie-Rose was determined not to be defined by her worst nightmare. How could she live the rest of her life in a way that both acknowledged and transcended this tragedy? Is there any possible compensation to a mother for the loss of her daughter?

Hidden Thorns is the heart-wrenching but ultimately uplifting account of a mother’s journey after the murder of her daughter—how she found both peace and forgiveness.




I have this afternoon, read the Author’s story from beginning to end in one sitting! I was profoundly moved by the author’s courage and honesty. Her story will support and help to heal others. I regard it as an honour that she entrusted me with her heart in these pages.

Professor Newell Johnson, CMG, FMedSci

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This book ‘Hidden Thorns’ is an encouraging and remarkable story of how a courageous mother coped with the murder of her daughter.

The story describes in detail all the sad travails that life has unfairly dealt the Author. Especially sharing how she handled the tragic senseless murder of her beautiful daughter. No one ever fully recovers from the agony of the death of a child. But this mother wanted to be someone who was happy and not hiding from the world, bitter and angry. Forgiveness was the way to peace—and she knew she would need that, but how could she forgive her daughter’s murderer?

Over time, she came to realize that there actually was a small miracle happening; her daughter was taken from a place of violence, where she was all alone, to a peaceful place in eternity. What this individual did was horribly wrong, but did she want to be defined by her worst nightmare? How is that any kind of compensation to a mother for the loss of her daughter? And did she want that to be the way she lived for the rest of her life?

What the Author has shown us is that the most important thing anyone can do in life is what God has given us to do here, now or whenever. She has demonstrated clearly that she has been more courageous than anyone I know in letting God write her story. So, my congratulations go to her for being a faithful obedient servant, as painful as it was. This book of diversity in the face of tragedy makes for compelling reading.”

D.C. Harris-Hughes, B.Ad. Voc.Ed - RN

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My wife & I requested a copy. It arrived on Tuesday; she had read it by Wednesday; and I had read it by Thursday!

We both recognise and acknowledge your story as being many stories. Your life includes many lives, and your gift to us is more, I would say, a gift to God. The fact that you chose to share such honesty, passion, and compassion is both, at the same time, shocking and beautiful. I do believe that your readers have been given privileged access into both the recesses of hell, and the infinity of heaven. They will be moved, upset, shocked, but will eventually see the clear transforming of your own life, and they will thank you. That you have been able to live in and through this agonising process, is miraculous. Miracles do happen of course, and you have informed us of what would otherwise be unbelievable!

The content of your life, from Portugal to Warwick, is transitional in many ways. Similarly, the context in which you describe these life enhancing, and life diminishing events, is that of a singular human surviving inhuman events and conditions. Life, of course, has mysteries beyond our control or understanding. Faith also has such mysteries beyond our control and understanding. Love, hate, disappointment, heart break, and grief lead us to many questions. All that you have written has fully explored these depths of despair. Also, of course, you have written of your own, and humanity's return to the reality of love, honesty, a knowing of thanksgiving, and through compassion to peace.

Through and beyond your own story is the now told example of body, mind, and spirit, finely balanced in an unbalanced world. Together, and sometimes differently, we can be transformed by our own recognition of God's presence. Your book, your life, your gift and sharing of experience, will be an ongoing gift of support to others.
It is my hope that ‘Hidden Thorns’ will touch many lives. Your writing includes allegory, metaphor, and paradox.

Maybe that is a good place to stop; congratulate you; and to assure you that you have done a very brave thing, and have succeeded.”

Bill Huff-Johnston
Ordained Minister and Senior Deacon
St Paul’s Church, Manuka, ACT

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Hi Marie-Rose’
Read your book as soon as it arrived. Great read. You have a powerful testimony of forgiveness. I trust your story will go far and wide to help many to chose to forgive. Well done!
I enjoyed the memories (Mr Biscuits, Prince etc) and grieved for your loss of Michelle, once more.
I know you will develop your voice (i.e. telling your story) and it will be as powerful as your written word.
Love and His continued blessings to you, a mighty woman warrior! “

Pastor Vicki O*
Shellharbour Village

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“I received my copy of ‘Hidden Thorns’ yesterday, and finished it today.

I’ll start by saying, it was a difficult read as I felt your pain. Especially, about your beautiful girl. It’s one of those things you can’t truely understand, unless you experience it yourself and God willing, I will never have to. As to your losses - Mum, Dad, John and your fur babies, those I understood. I also understand health concerns that arise and forever change one’s life, and how scary it gets and how hard it is to come out of that dark hole, which I call the bottomless pit of despair. At times you feel it’s never ending, but we humans are resilient and somehow we manage to come out of it and then we get on with life as best we know how.
The one thing I really envy is your faith, which as I read your book I realise how important it is to you and your whole family. In as much as your faith doesn’t remove the problems, but it certainly helps you through the darkest times. Thank you for your honesty. “

Maria D*
Wattle Grove


About the Author

Marie-Rose Fox

Marie-Rose Fox was born in Portugal. She relocated with her family to France, where she spent most of her teenage years. Whilst there, she developed a great love for languages as a challenge (Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian and English). At just eighteen she immigrated with her family to Australia, where they lived in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. She resided within this community for most of her adult life until she met and married Stephen. Circumstances led them to live on the Gold Coast of Queensland, where they met with tragedy in 2007 when her only child, Michelle was brutally murdered.
As a consequence of this horrific ordeal, she suffered deep depression, so given the need for change she and her husband chose a country lifestyle for a season. As a reader of this ‘all telling book of her life’ you’ll be glad to hear she climbed out of her ‘black hole’ of depression through her faith and love for God.








Hidden Thorns by Marie-Rose Fox
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