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Dr Christian Heim

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Partner complain that you don’t listen?Lose friends because you don’t have time to listen? Lose deals because you’re not listening to clients? Well …

Listen up! To be heard is a basic human need. In this image and noise saturated century, we’re losing the art of listening. We don’t really listen to the needs, hurts and joys of people who are important to us. It takes skill and practice.

I’ve been a psychiatrist for decades so I need to listen right? Before that I was a professional classical musician, so I developed an ear for listening. Most importantly, my loving partner wanted me to listen well. So … here’s how to do it: the secrets to practical, deep, caring listening.

Listening is a gift you give another person.


About the Author

Doctor Christian Heim BMed (hons),PhD, FRANZCP, is a consultant psychiatrist in private practice in Australia. A Churchill Fellow, he has practiced in several states; his areas of expertise include trauma and couple’s therapy. Formerly, he was a classical musician and lecturer at several universities. He continues to play music and lecture. Listening is central to my work and our relationship. Christian and Caroline love giving talks and seminars on relationships.






listen (how to) by Dr Christian Heim
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