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Naomi's World

Naomi Rose


This book dives into the challenges young people may have with disabilities. No matter what you face in life or the challenges it brings you, stay strong and never give up on your dreams.

Some people are born with disabilities and other times it can come later on in life, either way, it should never stop you from chasing what you believe in.

This book also focus’s on the effects of bullying and showing you the benefits of not letting bullies bring you down. Zac is a strong willed young man who loves football and dreams to play for the AFL but not without some struggles along the way.


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About Carers WA

Carers WA is the peak body that represents the needs and interests of carers in Western Australia. We work to achieve an improved quality of life for family carers in our state.

Carers WA is a non-profit, community based organisation and registered charity dedicated to improving the lives of the estimated 230,000 family carers living in Western Australia. Part of the National Network of Carers Associations, we are the peak body recognised by both State and Federal governments as the voice of family carers. Carers WA represents carers interests in the Western Australian community.

Our mission is to support and raise awareness of carers through advocacy, service provision and partnerships.

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About the Author

Naomi Rose

My name is Naomi. I am a children’s author and I live in Albany, Western Australia.
I was asked by Carers WA to write a book about about my life. I hope you all like it.
I am also an ambassador for Down Syndrome WA and I attend meetings and workshops in Perth. I have had afternoon tea at Parliament House with the Minister for Communities, Stephen Dawson.
Being a role model for others and encouraging children to read and write is a passion of mine because it has opened up the world for me. I love learning and trying new things whenever I have the opportunity. You just have to go out to explore the world because the world won’t come to you.



Naomi's World by Naomi Lake

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Naomi's World