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Seventy-seventh Pearl:
The Maothsjesshoum

Shamot Sesju


A comprehensive explanation of the secret teachings in the Gospel of Thomas

Through tearful eyes a young girl asked Pope Francis; why does God allow children to suffer? The answer revealed what atheists have long suspected – theists rely on blind faith. This book opens the readers’ eyes. It is the logical, undeniable truth.

In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus promises that people who discover the meaning of his sayings would not taste death. Since the time Thomas recorded these sayings people have tried to unravel their meaning. The Seventy-seventh Pearl: The Maothsjesshoum is the second coming. It is the completion of Jesus' purpose in this world.

The Seventy-seventh Pearl lives – in you.


About the Author

Shamot Sesju was born in Grasse (France). His family migrated to Australia in 1968, when he was two.

Shamot’s childhood in the central South Australian opal-mining town of Andamooka, inspired his love of the visual arts and a life long fascination for matters concerning the spirit.

Working at a secondary Christian school, he was motivated to search for the truth, regarding Church dogma and how this might be reconciled for the generations of the twenty-first century.






Seventy-seventh Pearl: The Maothsjesshoum by Shamot Sesju
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ISBN: 978-1-925209-90-7
Format: Paperback, Hardcover + eBook
Extent: 285 pages
RRP: $24.95 (paperback)
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Philosophy / Religion


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