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The Thinking Human’s Guide to Religion

Steve Paull

A Modern Interpretation of an Ancient Text

Religion: fact, or fiction? The chronicle of Creation, or the ramblings of a madman? If you’ve ever wondered what it’s all about but can’t bring yourself to actually read a bible, then this book is for you!

With irreverent interpretations reflecting the modern, enlightened age we live in, this is the go-to book for when your sleep is rudely interrupted on Sunday mornings and you want some payback, but can never think of anything to question them with. Problem Solved!

(You’re welcome..!)




About the Author

Steve was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia before being press-ganged into the government railways at the age of 21.

For the last 25 years, he has been riding around regional Western Australia in very large, heavy metal boxes on wheels, and contemplating the nature of the universe.

Much of his spare time is eclectically divided between DIY projects, renovations, landscaping, various musical pursuits (piano, flute, saxophone, recorder, harmonica and guitar, all of them badly), armchair philosophy, and trying to get his damned frangipani to flower.

This is his first book.


Book Reviews

Reviewed by Lesley Jones for Readers' Favorite (5 Stars)


The Thinking Human's Guide to Religion by Steve Paull scrutinises each chapter of Genesis in depth and questions whether the Bible is the work of the creator or man made fiction. Was God a cruel dictator who enjoyed setting impossible vicious tasks for mankind? The book will examine what role religion plays in today's society. Is it just a billion-dollar money making machine that preys on fear or a source for good and comfort in the world? The details conflict throughout and the facts cannot be substantiated. Through detailed research in this book, you will get a clear understanding of where the sources of polygamy, slavery and other extreme religious beliefs originated. This book will make you think about the real truth behind the scriptures and why it is important to question rather than just accept everything at face value. 

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Reviewed by Anna Butler for Copybreak Copyrighting Services

So I've now had a chance to read "The Thinking Human's Guide to Religion"... which means one thing. BOOK REVIEW!!

Let's just say, this book is bound to ruffle a few feathers and definitely won't be to everyone's taste. It's sassy and takes great delight in poking holes in the plot of Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament.

I did find myself wishing I had a copy of the OT on hand to check some of the referenced claims that seemed rather OTT (which, of course, I did). As expected, the pithy recounting of events were as described... albeit with far more colourful language (the retelling of God's Covenant of Circumcision with Abram/Abraham was by far my favourite bit of the entire book).

But in dispensing with the tediously laborious language of the Bible, it follows the story from Creation, through to the Great Flood and then the story of Noah's descendants, creating an easy-to-follow, rather engaging narrative.

I personally found it thoroughly entertaining, but I daresay there will be plenty who find it offensive.

As one disgruntled Christian opined "The whole point of faith! It is not for the ‘thinking man’ as it concerns itself with the soul."

And I guess that is the whole point of this book.

When we abandon critical thinking and rely on centuries-old myths and "faith" we don't always make the most well-informed or sensible choices. Especially when those myths are so open to individual interpretation (The Handmaid's Tale, anyone?!!).

For me, it's 5 stars. Not only did I learn new things. I was entertained in the process.


Reviewed by Ronald Schoppe for RJS Plastering and Handyman Services (5 Stars):
What a very clever book. laugh a minute at the witty style of the author! Also the amateurish cartoons add to the very cheeky interpretations Steve has taken from the bible.
Loved it, and loved the fact I didn’t have to read the bible,,, ?Steve has done it for you and given an honest interpretation of the stories.
Also enjoyed the little quotes about religion at the start of new chapters!
Need to review the rest of the bible, and write down your thoughts. If it’s half as good as your first effort, it will be awesome


Reviewed by Jenna Graham, from her Facebook Page post (5 Stars):
I forgot to let you know much I loved your book, it was hilarious! One of the most memorable parts was when God and Abraham(?) were discussing the introduction of circumcisions. I laughed my ass off in front of a bus full of people. Congrats again Speedy looking forward to the next one.
"Cleverly written and well researched. I learnt a little and laughed a lot. Great read."


Reviewed by Pam Thompson for TP Painting (5 Stars):
Someone once told me the bible is a guide to a good life. The stories in are simple analogies meant for simple people from a more simple time. Lessons to solve the problems in life. The author of this book challenges some of these with his tongue firmly stuck in his cheek.
This book will bring a smile to your face if you are feeling down
You can read a little or a lot if you are time poor.
It will make you think if you are bored.
Want something to stimulate spirited discussions at a dinner party?
Just throw in some quotes from the book and see what happens.
Well worth the read.


Reviewed by Lisa Ann License (5 Stars):
Well I brought this book for me to read but as yet still waiting to read it as my husband has taken possession of the book and is loving this book.


Reviewed by Jim McIntosh from his Facebook Page comment (no rating recorded):
Yep, I think that was quite an accurate and fair review of the book that Anna Butler gave, especially the point about faith and critical thinking. The whole purpose of this publication, after all, was to present just what its title suggests - a THINKING HUMAN'S guide - which it does in an entertaining and toung-in-cheek way.

Deconstructing the first book in the Old Testament? What could be more appropriate? Doing it in a way that entertains and amuses? Even better. Will it upset people? Sure. But only those who have no real intention to think about things in a critical and objective manner.

After I put it down, the only criticism worth noting was that I felt that it banged on about the same theme so much that by the end of the book it wasn't so much repetive but becoming predictable. But after re-reading the last section I had to recant, at least a little. It was a consistent narrative that brought inconsistency to the fore in a way that highlights the dangers of blind faith and the value of critical analysis.







The Thinking Human’s Guide to Religion: A Modern Interpretation of an Ancient Text by Steve Paull
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