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The Thinking Human’s Guide to Religion

Steve Paull

A Modern Interpretation of an Ancient Text

Religion: fact, or fiction? The chronicle of Creation, or the ramblings of a madman? If you’ve ever wondered what it’s all about but can’t bring yourself to actually read a bible, then this book is for you!

With irreverent interpretations reflecting the modern, enlightened age we live in, this is the go-to book for when your sleep is rudely interrupted on Sunday mornings and you want some payback, but can never think of anything to question them with. Problem Solved!

(You’re welcome..!)




About the Author

Steve was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia before being press-ganged into the government railways at the age of 21.

For the last 25 years, he has been riding around regional Western Australia in very large, heavy metal boxes on wheels, and contemplating the nature of the universe.

Much of his spare time is eclectically divided between DIY projects, renovations, landscaping, various musical pursuits (piano, flute, saxophone, recorder, harmonica and guitar, all of them badly), armchair philosophy, and trying to get his damned frangipani to flower.

This is his first book.



The Thinking Human’s Guide to Religion: A Modern Interpretation of an Ancient Text by Steve Paull
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ISBN: 978-1-925681-42-0
Format: Paperback 203mm x 133mm
Extent: 268 pages
RRP: $24.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Humour -- Literary Criticism
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