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The Greater Love

Father Antony Brennan


The Abba, Father Joseph, is a strong, fervent, young man who has spent seven long years living as a solitary monk in his cave. He has battled all the urges known to man and had become settled in his austere life. When, without realising it, he had become so used to the life he had virtually forgotten any other, he is thrust into the confusing state of being forced to cope with a completely unexpected human being. This time, one who is also very demanding… as he is totally helpless.


About the Author

Father Antony Brennan

Antony Brennan is a storyteller and has been since he was a freaky six year old kid playing complicated treble piano arrangements, in duets with an 85 year old WW2 Dance Pianist.  From her, he absorbed an enormous interest in WW2. Memories of this were to flow out, decades later, into the 'Bexford North Mystery Series', listed on Amazon.
At University he studied and loved, the great classic 19th century literary giants of both England and Russia; he then changed course and delved into the abnormalities of the human brain while teaching at University.
Brennan has a quirky sense of humour. Suddenly, he felt compelled to write a little book about an elderly cardinal with a wicked, mischievous sense of humour, who was given a new secretary, a young priest of little humour at all, but who had been a boxing champ while at Oxford.

He loved telling stories, so compiled three volumes which  were published. He was strongly aware of how much real, erudite, scholars missed out on in life - in terms of companionship, even love, so then wrote a very serious love story, entitled: 'Amaritudo, which, of course means 'Bitterness'.

As Brennan is a Catholic priest, he was involved in the revolution that erupted in the Christian church- post 1969. He was a prominent writer in many journals and Magazines with articles dealing with many problems concerning many aspects of the Christian Faith.

Brennan began to write, using his title of 'Father', serious Religious books. The first one, 'The Father' which was published in America and is listed ln that country, and here as well, in Kindle and in Paperback. He then wrote 'Cloistered Chronicles' which is subtitled: 'Monkey Business': an amusing, yet serious, book and a new one: The Greater Love' , which is loosely based on the Desert Fathers. It is set in 360 AD.

It has been said, by reviewers, that he creates 'endearing characters'. He thinks that could possibly be true.
 In his personal life, he loves music, Hopkins' poetry, mystery books and history; hates proof-reading and Broccoli.
He lives in Sydney, Australia.



The Greater Love by Father Antony Brennan

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