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The Pleasure Myth

Dr Christian Heim

Five steps to real pleasure

Here’s the myth: Just go for pleasure to get the most pleasure.
Here’s the reality: Just go for pleasure, end up in pain (addicted, lonely, broke, failing, whatever).
The answer? Connect pleasure and purpose to get real life-long pleasure.

We crave pleasure and we’ll do crazy things for it. The good news is that your brain wants real, lasting pleasure.
If you want it, short and long-term, this book’s for you. Enjoy now without addiction, and keep on track for the long-term; get what your brain really craves (the secret’s in the special sealed section). Understand your brain to stay addiction-free, connect pleasure and purpose, and keep a lifetime of pleasure flowing.

How does this guy know? I’m a psychiatrist who’s worked with thousands of people. Heaps have gone for pleasure and ended up in pain. Based on clinical experience and scientific evidence, I share ideas to help you find lasting contentment.

Interested? Only 126 pages! Read this in a couple of hours max!


About the Author

Dr Christian Heim

Christian Heim BMed(hons), FRANZCP, PhD, is an award-winning consultant psychiatrist in private practice. He’s been a doctor in Australia in various clinical settings. Previously, he was a freelance and classical musician, on staff at the University of Newcastle, tenured at the University of Wollongong, and casual at the Manhattan School of Music. A Churchill Fellow and a composer with radio air-play, he’s published on the use of music in medicine. He continues to lecture on, write and play music. His work and his family and friends bring him lasting pleasure and contentment.



The Pleasure Myth by Dr Christian Heim

ISBN: 978-1-925952-00-1
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Extent: 126 pages
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