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The Resilience of the Lotus

Eugen Fischer

A harrowing true story of the strength of one woman

This story tells the sad truth about a young, displaced woman from Manchuria, her life during the Japanese invasion 1931-1945 and some years thereafter. Told to the author in Singapore in the late seventies, it is a harrowing tale of humanity’s cruelty and the horrors of war, but also a testament that life always finds a way to survive.

Her strength and courage in the horrendous circumstances of war and occupation are inspirational. Like the lotus flower, the human spirit has the potential to grow in the worst environment, and emerge from the muck to bloom again as a beautiful flower.

“There are so many victims in a war, and once the war is over, one doesn’t know their names nor find their graves.”

“The stench of war wilts all flowers. The stench of peace lets them bloom again.”




About the Author

The author was born in Switzerland in 1951 and lives with his wife in Busselton, Western Australia. He worked as a young Chef for Hilton International in Singapore, where he met “Meimei” the storyteller of this book. Meimei lived through18 years of horror during the Japanese invasion and the turmoil of the revolution in China.
The stories of the comfort women have not received due recognition and need to be told.










The Resilience of the Lotus by Eugen Fischer
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