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The Super Secret

Nigel Baker

Unlock the secrets to how the really SMART money INVESTS!

The Super Secret uncovers the truth about how to invest successfully. Nigel is the founder of the successful financial advisory company Arch Capital ( in Sydney Australia and the driver for a new online investment platform Scientiam
He is passionate about helping others understand money better so that they can achieve what is of utmost importance to them and their family.
Nigel unlocks ‘secrets’ the industry knows and doesn’t tell you.
Unlock The Super Secret!




About the Author

Nigel Baker - The Super Secret

Over the past 20 years Nigel has worked as a chartered accountant and certified financial planner advising clients. He has worked for some of the largest global institutions, was a partner in one of Australia largest Accounting groups, and then started his own advisory practice in 2012 Arch Capital named after his second son Archie.

Determined to deliver open, evidenced-based financial advice Nigel started his own independent private wealth business, Arch Capital in 2012.
Wanting to also provide access to younger and not so complex clients to evidence based investing, Nigel also founded Scientiam in 2020, an online portal that provides access to knowledge from decades of academic research to help individuals become smarter investors – essentially the information the investment industry doesn’t want people to know about.

Nigel has seen the best and worst of the industry first hand and, fortunately, came across the evidence based way to invest early his career . Evidence based investing is an investment approach that uses science rather than guesswork, focuses on what you can control as a client, and most importantly puts the client first.

Nigel is passionate about ensuring advice is independent and the client comes first. It’s Nigel’s mission to empower people to take control of their own financial future by sharing what the investment industry doesn’t want you to know. You don’t have to pick stocks or gamble to increase your chances of investment success.

Contrary to the way most manage their money, decades of research shows us all that if we follow certain principles you don’t actually need to worry about or watch markets daily - and you will have a better investment experience and higher chance of “beating the market”.



Having followed Nigel’s investment advice for many years implementing the concepts of Evidence Based Investing as espoused in this book. I found the book to be compelling and one I will be encouraging, wholeheartedly, my adult children to read and follow the investment principals, in a discipline way to help achieve their financial goals.
Ray Osborne, retired Partner of ASX 200 financial services company

I met Nigel Baker in 2004 when on his ascendancy in one of Sydney’s prestigious wealth firms. My firm was piloting a new program for financial services professionals with about twenty firms. Though youngest in the group,
Nigel was a standout. That program of 2004 still runs
today with thousands of advisers from hundreds of Australian wealth firms having attended. In many ways I have been lucky to learn more from Nigel Baker than he has learned from us. Nigel’s book provides the frameworks to understand that money in only one part of a better financial life. It will help ensure the required focus of all factors that create better financial lives, not just the money aspect.
Jim Stackpool, Managing Director, CERTAINTY ADVICE GROUP

What I really want to discover and pass down to my successive generation is smart, savvy and simple – a disciplined and rational approach to investing and wealth
creation. This book is my blueprint.
Christian Lane-Brown, MedTech Consultant, Boston Scientific

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Nigel for over 30 years. Initially it was through our love of sport and Rugby but more recently through Investment and Wealth management. Nigel possesses high standards, discipline, work ethic, integrity and vast experience in Wealth Management. This book reflects his great ability to provide clarity and practical investment advice in plain English for us all to understand and implement.
Stirling Mortlock AM, former Captain of the Australian Rugby Team

Nigel is one of those rare professionals who can provide clear, practical and sound advice for the non-expert.
As an independent, you know Nigel is on your side. His playbook on how to build wealth with confidence and without hassle is a gift for everyone who worries they may not have the future plan they need.
Mark Hodgson, Author, Speaker and Business owner

If you read one book on investing this year, make The Super Secret the one. Nigel’s practical and insightful approach to investing and wealth management really opened my eyes to some of the investment myths I’ve been believing for too long. Well worth the read.
Justin Simpson BSc LLB, Patent Attorney & Entrepreneur



The Super Secret by Nigel Baker
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