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A Tipsy Man Goes Naked

Melody R. Green

Love Tales and Recipes

The Muse of Aroma and Taste offers the reader a collection of short stories, recipes and anecdotes that explore food, love and the senses in a single day. Recipes and stories from across the world and centuries are combined; some are simple fairy tales and others heartfelt explorations of love.

The Muse asks the reader to question their understanding of love…
What is love? Can it last over time? Is love of a career as memorable as a lover? How do you mend a heart that has lost love? Where are you tuned into love? What time of the day are you most open to love?

Throughout the book the Muse of Aroma and Taste weaves all the emotions, flavours, and textures of love, thereby conjuring up a veritable feast of sensual, culinary delights for you to enjoy.



This glorious celebration of life, love and food has the flavour of The Tales of 1001 nights and Scheherazade.

Each story, crafted with beautiful words of emotion, colour and light, brings the meal and the food to life. The recipes that follow allow the reader to become part of the story when they follow the instructions to create the dish. Thereby experiencing the energy of the food, its appearance, smell and taste as the thread of the story line weaves its magic and ties all the senses together.

This book was a delight to my senses and filled me with the desire to get into the kitchen and create the dishes that inspired the stories.

Food is the thing that unites us all. In order to live, we must eat. The tales in Tipsy Man cross geographical, cultural and temporal boundaries and in doing so remind us of our humanity and that food connects like no other thing.

I particularly love the author’s comments of the origin of the recipes and how they came into her possession. In truth, it is an act of love to share your best kept recipe secret with another.

The Muses’ voice sets the scene for each mealtime chapter and reminds us of the importance of time of day and with whom we “break bread”.

My particular favourite is “The Voyage” – with its story within a story. I could smell and taste the delights of the food, artfully described, and felt as if I were there. The long sea voyage and the raw emotion of being transported across the world to a new and strange land brought back my own memories of the same experience.

A wonderful book to take with you on a voyage or to enjoy curled up in front of a fire with a hot chocolate to sip on and a warm blanket to snuggle into.
Thank you, Melody.
– Ruthie Phillips |Clairvoyant Medium| Radio & TV Personality| Life Coach based in Bath, UK.

A Tipsy Man Goes Naked is not my typical read. But it was delightfully refreshing. Not only is it jam-packed with beautiful stories, rich with deeper meanings and life lessons, there’s also a lovely recipe to compliment them! Melody Green tells her short stories with such an eye for detail, each one is enrapturing, yet all wonderfully unique. And I cannot wait to get myself into a kitchen and butcher a Zuppa Inglese!

I truly enjoyed this read. It felt like reading poetry, but with the grip of a good novel. Each character with their own story just as interesting as the last. There isn’t really much else to say other than if you fancy learning a thing or two, and you enjoy a good short story that leaves you fulfilled, I’d absolutely recommend this one. Not to mention the recipes, again. I love food.
4/5 stars for the lovely Melody, looking forward to seeing more from her!
– Charlotte, Birmingham, UK @icanonlyaffordebooks

“A Tipsy Man Goes Naked is a collection of quirky and intriguing short stories that are sure to leave you wanting more.” – K.C.Finn, USA

“Delightfully sinful! Full of amusing and thought provoking stories that make you look at love, food and life differently.”
– Naomi Brock, Canada

“A delicious cast of characters, their stories and recipes satisfying and fulfilling.” – Victoria Ugarte, Australia

“A Tipsy Man Goes Naked was absolutely delightful!”
– Shelly R, UK

“A wonderful collection of diverse short stories perfectly paired with recipes to awaken your senses and inner goddess.”
– Alex Piscionere, USA

“A Tipsy Man Goes Naked is wonderful, whimsical storytelling at its best. What a delicious read this book is!”
– Carol H, USA

“The Shopkeeper’s Choice is absolutely delightful story and I’d be honoured for you to use my recipe with appropriate credits.”
– Ian Hemphill, The Spice and Herb Bible, Australia

“I absolutely loved this collection… more please!”
– Penny Taylor, Australia


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A Tipsy Man Goes Naked by Melody R. Green
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Format: eBook
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