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Views Beyond the Furthest Fence

100 Years of Outback Mission

The public convocation held in Scots Church, Melbourne in 1912 was the watershed event in the formation of the Australian Inland Mission (AIM). John Flynn could now implement his model for ministry to Outback Australia. His work developed to such an extent that it gained both national and international recognition.

This book is a tribute to the vision and work of John Flynn, and to the many others who have endeavoured to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church in the Outback. To celebrate the Centenary Year of the founding of the AIM, Stuart Bonnington's review of the outback ministry of the Presbyterian Church, along with Stephen Dyer's photographic record of this ministry, are brought together in a unique manner in this excellent publication. With the focus on Flynn, Dyer and Bonnington have succeeded in bringing to life the inspiring story of the role of the Presbyterian Church ‘beyond the furthest fences’.











Views Beyond the Furthest Fence -100 Years of Outback Mission
ISBN: 978-1-922022-26-4
Format: Hardcover 360mm x 260mm
Extent: 144 pages
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
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