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Wake into Madness

Jonathan Cass

Jack Carrol’s Lancaster bomber crashed near Berlin in 1944. He survived, but remained in a coma until 2001. He was kept alive over these years by two dedicated doctors using a variety of treatments including the use of an age supressing serum.

Jack awoke into a world very different from the one he knew prior to and during WWII. Like his pre­decessors who fought in WWI, he believed his war was the one which would put an end to all wars. Instead, the world he re-entered was a world of madness, where people he knew little about were fly­ing airliners filled with innocent people into huge buildings, and who were reaping havoc in all parts of the world with mindless acts of terror.

Trying to fit back into a society suffering under such conditions left Jack feeling that everything he had done towards the war effort had been for nothing, and that, in reality, he no longer belonged or felt part of the world of today. From the time he re-awakes, three women come into his life, and the relationships he has with them all help to bring back to him some sense of justification for his survival into such an alien place.

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Wake into Madness
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Published : March 2011
Format : PB C Format 230pp
RRP: $24.95 ($3.99 ebook)
ISBN : 978-1-921787-46-1
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Adult Fiction