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Divine Wisdom Channelled
Through Jennifer Valls

Scribed by
Gordon McKenzie


Teaching and Wisdom!

This Book Contains:

Communications and Messages

Given To Jennifer Valls

From “The Highest of Spirit”

For The Greater Wisdom,

Understanding Elevation and

Upliftment of Mankind!

Scribed By Gordon McKenzie


About the Author

Jennifer Valls

If one was to take dynamic energy, add a gentle, yet spiritually-strong, supportive and loving personality, a radiance that Lights-up every room she enters and then crown this with the most remarkable gift of spiritual contact and communication, then you would have Jennifer Valls!

Jennifer is a very-dedicated, remarkably-versatile, hugely-gifted and multi-talented Spirit-Medium, Spirit-Worker, Spiritual-Healer, Reiki-Master and an experienced Teacher of Meditation. 

In short, Jennifer is a True “Light-Worker” and excelling in excellence as a compassionate humanitarian, her humility abounds, for Jennifer prefers to work and achieve away from the glare of the public spotlight and for many years, she willingly gave of herself and dedicated her precious time, energy and knowledge for the benefit of others, those less fortunate than herself and despite having enormous demands upon her time, she squeezed in voluntary respite and palliative care and even now continues providing Spiritual and Reiki Healing, Spiritual Teaching, Expert Spiritual Guidance and Coaching and serves as a Loving and Compassionate “One Light Federation” Celebrant Minister.
Jennifer has released several excellent Meditation CD’s:  “Temple of Light”; “Journey Onto Sacred Ground”, “Wishing Well” and for children:  “A Special Place”, for which she has also written and published a delightful accompanying Book on the same name:  “A Special Place”!

If you are exhausted just from reading Jennifer’s Bio, Rt. Reverend Jennifer is fully Clairvoyant, Clair-Sentient, Clair-Audient and Clair-Everything-Else! Trance, Inspirational Talks and much more are all “par-for-the-course” and as is evidenced in this book “A+”, Jennifer has beautiful and pristine links with the Highest of The Spirit-World, not only with her own Guides and Angels, but with Spirit at the Highest levels, including those not of this realm.
With more books “in-the-pipeline”, the name of Jennifer Valls is one to watch, particularly given that everything she brings forth and communicates from The Highest of Spirit is totally accurate in every minute detail! 
Rt. Rev. Jennifer Valls:



A+Divine Wisdom Channelled Through Jennifer Valls - Scribed by Gordon McKenzie
ISBN: 978-1-922409-93-5
Format: Paperback C 229mm x 152mm
Extent:368 pages
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Mind-Body-Spirit -- Chanelling