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Order and the Abandoned Body

Greg Cornwell

John Order Politician & Sleuth Series BOOK 3

Bodies can be heavenly or busy or beautiful … or dead.

John Order, local Member of Parliament, was drawn into the death by an unusual source but soon found himself facing an aggressive policeman and a self-seeking political Party member, with an election looming.

Order in the Canberra drug scene where all is not what it seems and the birds are interesting and varied.




About the Author

Greg Cornwell

This is the third of several novella-length books featuring John Order, a politician in the ACT Legislative Assembly (see Order and the Suspect Suicide and Order and Mrs. Cohen’s Conviction). The novels are sequential but stand alone. They are not tales of international or national danger, spies and traitors but rather about a humble backbencher who manages to attract bodies both dead and alive while simultaneously fighting off attempts to end his own (political) life.

The author was a member of Canberra’s Legislative Assembly for 12 years (Speaker for six years) and has lived in Canberra since 1966. He writes the occasional article and letter to the editor for the local press and is an obsessive overseas traveller. Awarded AM (2008). Married, two stepdaughters.













Order and the Abandoned Body by Greg Cornwell                            Cornwell
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