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A Country Far Away

Nigel Gray

Illustrations by Philipe Dupasquier


A remarkable and delightful book that shows how children are alike the world over, while at the same time celebrating the rich and interesting diversity of their ordinary lives.

Winner of the Christian Media Children’s Book Prize, France
• • •
Parents Magazine Best Books of the Year Award, USA
• • •
NSCC/CBC Notable Children’s Book, USA
• • •
Children’s Book Foundation Children’s Book of the Year, UK
• • •
IRA-CBC Favourite Paperbacks for 1994, USA

Unique among picture books, A Country Far Away avoids didacticism while joyfully celebrating the kinship of human cultures and children everywhere.Publishers Weekly

This sensitive book really brings out our shared human experiences, regardless of race.Child Education

It’s a gem of an idea. Each boy imagines that one day he will visit the other’s country and, perhaps, make a friend. Mr Gray’s book brings all our children a little closer to that goal.Atlanta Journal

Vivid and colourful pictures emphasise the many similarities in two boys’ lives despite the great differences in culture and environment. Nigel Gray and Philippe Dupasquier have collaborated to create a unique book that will encourage an awareness and understanding of other children’s lives. Each kid’s life seems far more interesting and exciting than the other’s. Author and illustrator make a great team.
The Times Educational Supplement


About the Author

Allison Cratchley

Nigel Gray was born in a farm shed in Ireland to two teenagers, neither of whom had known their parents, and in my father's case who didn't even know his name. My mother was a kitchen maid, my father a farm servant. They had three unwanted babies in three years. At twelve months old, during the Second World War, I was taken to England. I never saw my father again. Nor the brother and sister. I went into a series of foster homes, a children's home, and later to live with my mother. They were not the best of times.



A Country Far Away by Nigel Gray - Illustrations by Philipe Dupasquier
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ISBN: 9780980876024
Format: Paperback Colour
Extent: 28 pages
RRP: $14.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Childrens Illustrated--Fiction.
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