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The Road Gets Better From Here

Adrian Scott

A novice rides solo from the Ring of Fire to the Cradle of Civilisation - By Adrian Scott

With virtually no experience and absolutely no support, Adrian rides a basic stock motorbike 20,000kms across 9 countries in 3 months to fulfil a lifelong dream.

He sets off from the bleak, windswept former gulag gateway city of Magadan in a remote corner of Siberia, but before the day is out he crashes badly, breaking his bike and seriously injuring himself. He is completely alone. He struggles on through swamps, bogs and mud tracks and nearly drowns in the icy rapids along Stalin’s infamous Road of Bones. Although it is summer in Siberia, it is freezing and the driving rain relentless. When the sun does appear he is attacked by fierce squadrons of giant mosquitoes and, with wild bears roaming, he cannot stop, often riding for days at a time. Sheer physical strength saves his life on numerous occasions. He battles on deep into central Russia, across the vast Steppes of Kazakhstan and on through the searing Taklimakan Desert in remote western China. He scales the breathtaking Pamirs and rides across the roof of the world before entering the fabled Silk Road cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. He scurries across oddball Turkmenistan, and on across ancient Persia before finally arriving at his destination, exotic Istanbul.

At every turn, Adrian is adopted by a vast array of characters each with stories to tell and who, extraordinarily, expect nothing in return; tough Siberian truck drivers, frontier road workers, border guards, desperate villagers, drug-addled soldiers and crazy modern-day traders, each insisting that he join them in their homes to share their lives and most of their provisions. It is these encounters which provide such a rich and compelling subtext to his extraordinary journey.

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Erica Williams

Adrian is a Partner at a global technology consulting firm and holds a degree in Computer Science and Pure Mathematics from the University of Sydney.  After 18 years of consulting to multi-national companies in Australia, Asia and the USA, Adrian now advises senior executives on complex technology projects.

Since travelling as an only child with his parents on Soviet cruise ships in the 1970’s, Adrian has developed a deep affinity with the Russian people which is reflected in his writing.  He speaks Russian and has an extensive knowledge of Russian history.

Adrian is married with two children and lives in Melbourne.

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Published : JUNE 2008
Format : Paperback 412pp
RRP : $30.95
ISBN 13 : 9780980493405
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Distributor : DENNIS JONES