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Raoul Kent : a Life of Mastery

Haydn Ellis

Tales and teachings from the extraordinary life of martial artist and healer Raoul Kent

“It’s only a matter of realising there are certain basic principles to follow when fighting. When you’re driving a car and you want the car to turn the corner you don’t get out of the car, lift it and carry it around the corner. When you want to control a person you don’t have to fight the whole body. You attack one portion of the body and take control by exerting pain. Everybody responds to pain.” - Raoul Kent


Raoul Kent is the son of a domineering Eastern European father who used to hose him down with water during winter in an effort to toughen him. After suffering a savage beating at the hands of a gang of youths when he was sixteen, Raoul began to study martial arts. Over the next twenty years he became a Judo and Karate champion and Ju Jitsu Master along with mastering firearms, conventional weaponry and unconventional weapon combat. As a bodyguard he worked for the rich and famous as well as the criminal underworld.

Not only could Raoul’s hands kill, they could heal. As well as a Master of the killing arts he became a Master of the healing arts. From healing with his hands when patients were told they needed surgery, to being shot at and attacked by a gang wielding machetes, Raoul has lived a life on the edge, never conforming to the mediocrity of society. Overlooked by mainstream martial art Halls of Fame for his lack of conformity and disinterest in politics, Raoul is the toughest martial artist mainstream Australia has never heard of. This is his story.

“Raoul Kent certainly has had an interesting life. I liked the part about the Kiai and the bird falling from the tree."
Author Hanshi Stephen Kaufman (Musashi’s Book of Five Rings)

“I found the section on healing of particular interest.”
Author Dan Millman (Way of the Peaceful Warrior)

“I read your book on Raoul in two sittings and loved it. You wrote it brilliantly. It was perfect in my opinion. I found his stories fascinating and exhilarating.”
Nelson McKiggan.


Haydn Ellis is a full-time sports coach based in New South Wales, Australia. He has coached, trained and mentored professional athletes in a wide variety of disciplines including beach volleyball, netball, rugby union and the fighting sports. His unique holistic approach to athlete development is heavily influenced by ancient martial art principles and philosophies. Unlike most alternative modern day sports coaches Haydn’s knowledge isn’t solely derived from the reading and interpreting of translated manuscripts. From the age of seventeen he trained in traditional martial arts under a real life martial arts Master. It was the lessons learned firsthand from Master Raoul Kent that shaped the way Haydn would learn, train and ultimately teach.



Raoul Kent : a Life of Mastery


Published : APRIL 2010
Format : 220pp A5 PB
RRP : $29.95
ISBN : 978-19217874-8-5
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Martial arts / Healing