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A Mother’s Song

Michael Finaghty

A Mother's Song is the love lost-refound narrative of peace activist, Ruby Penfold. Moving from an isolated Australian island, her life journey culminates in present-day London, campaigning for peace in Afghanistan.

Fostered to care in the late 1960s, Ruby enjoys awakening emotions, but her heart is broken when Vietnam steals her first lover. After the search for her birthright turns to anguish, she and staunch friend Chloe, travel overseas. Ruby marries Andrew in London, they have two children and he is an obliging husband who stays on life script – mostly.

However, anti-war activities engulf Ruby’s life, and during the new Millennium, she becomes London’s Mothers for Peace leader. Finally arrested in 2011, protesting NATO troop deaths in Afghanistan, her story unveils a surprising but delightful twist.

A mother’s song traces Ruby’s search for identity and making her mark. It has a refreshing musical spine, and set against a contemporary background, it certainly challenges a few stereotypes along the way.



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Book Cover
Format: Paperback B 198mm x 128mm
Extent: 242 pages
RRP: $19.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Adult Fiction.

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