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A Mum's Perspective

Margaret Cox

Piecing Together the Puzzle

With chronic diseases on the rise across Australia, along with a deluge of well-meaning but often misleading advice, the search for answers can be frustrating and disappointing.

– What if there is no cure?
– How can you improve your family's quality of life now?
– How can you bridge the divide between medicine and complementary therapies, enjoying the best of both worlds?
– And how can you face these challenges with resilience and optimism?

When Margaret Cox gave birth to three beautiful boys, all conceived through IVF, she and her husband had no idea how soon their world would be tumbling down around them.

In 2008, their son Matthew was diagnosed with Autism. In 2010, Margaret was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. The disasters kept coming and the challenges seemed insurmountable.

In 2011, Matthew's twin brother, Jacob, began to have absence seizures. In spite of medication, the seizures continued and Jacob was diagnosed with epilepsy. Matthew's diagnosis was upgraded in severity to include intellectual impairment.

Desperation has fuelled their quest for a better quality life. In her book, Margaret pulls together pieces of the puzzle for a multifaceted approach including: superior nutrition, natural therapies, conventional medicine, and a positive mindset.

'A Mum's Perspective' is an honest account of one family's journey through agony and heartbreak to hope and transformation.


About the Author

Teisha Rose

Margaret Cox was born in the sugar cane city of Mackay, Queensland in 1972. Raised in a loving working class family with three sisters, she married Andrew Cox in 1997. Their three boys, conceived through IVF, were all delivered naturally. Having no known genetic family history for the disease diagnoses they received, the family spent countless hours with specialists from conventional medicine and complementary therapies alike.

With what she jokingly refers to as a “Masters degree in Google”, Margaret has trawled the internet for answers, along the way discovering what worked for her family through trial and error. Margaret’s curiosity and dedication to her quest have enabled a dramatic improvement in her family’s health and wellbeing. She believes the word “cure” is bandied around too freely and that any healing journey must be personally tailored to the individual.

Advocating respect and cooperation between orthodox medical practitioners and complementary therapists, Margaret has embraced her family’s health challenges with courage and optimism. Through her book, ‘A Mum’s Perspective’, she shares how hope, inspiration and courage have enabled one family to thrive and celebrate life while living with three incurable diseases.



A Mum's Perspective by Margaret Cox
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