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An Allergy to Life

Midge Aldam

An Allergy To Life reveals a passion for Australian people and places. It is a colourful, personal journey which is honest, humourous, lusty and thought provoking.

Readers are invited to share the reflections, real or imagined, which are laid bare in this occasionally adult-themed anthology.


About the Author

Midge Aldam - Author

Midge Aldam grew up and lives in Western Australia’s South West near the town of Busselton. She studied and boarded for five years at Methodist Ladies’ College, Perth and, after working as a full-time journalist, completed a Bachelor of Arts (English Studies) at Edith Cowan University. During this time she married, had a daughter and son, contributed editorial and photographs to local newspapers and is involved in several community organisations.
Familiarity with the South West region renowned for its lush, potent landscapes and eclectic population provides constant inspiration for her writing.


What's Inside

The Family
Are We There Yet? 8
Banca Bound for Paradise 9
Bob 10
Crossed Paths 11
Daughter 12
Flowers 13
Guardians of the Future 14
Helen and Three of Her Daughters 15
Little, White Crosses on Each Heart 16
My Son Beside Me 19
Or Else 20
Post Script 21
Rain 22
Screen Rules 23
The Cry 24
The Edge on Veg 25
Walls 26
Waves 27
Worlds Apart 28

The People
B and B 32
Black Mark Against Her 33
Curtain Call 34
Equilibrium 35
Lunging 36
Paul 37
Razor Cuts 38
Symphony of Semantics 39
Take the Train Home 40

The Word Dingo 41
To Kaite 42
Untitled 43
The Blokes
A Mate to Die For 46
Blue Singlet 47
Double or Nothing 48
Generator 49
Industrial Apartheid 50
Knobbly Tyres 51
Lest We Forget 52
Outrigger 53
Shadow of Spokes 55
Shine On Yarn 56
Sperm Antics 57
The Breaking Ground 58
The Offer 59
The Scar 60
The Waiting 61
Tick Tock 62
V is for Vas Deferens 65
White Town Space 66
The Places
A Week in Brunswick 70
Another Night 71
Apocalypse When? 72
God Save Us 73
Kwinana Me Softly 74
Melbourne Moggie 75
Moth Drops 76

Ode to Yoongarillup 77
Palms 78
St Kilda Balcony 79
St Kilda Night Road 80
South West Swansong 81
Southern Interiors 82
Summer There, Summer Not 83
Verdant Verge Estate 84
We See 85
The Lovers
Around the Corner 88
Cacophony 89
Cave Thunder 91
Diamonds On Black Velvet 92
Face It 93
His Gun In My Hand 94
Huge Me 95
It 96
Misty Moon 97
Moist Gum Leaves 98
My Bones Are Stoned 99
Past Lovers 100
That’s All 101
Through Her Eyes 102
Too Much 103
White Anglia Night 104



An Allergy to Life by Midge Aldam
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ISBN: 9781921787072
Format: PaperbackA5
Extent: 110 pages
RRP: $19.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Poetry--Australia.
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