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The Trouble with André

Farnaz Zirakbash

The Trouble with André


A charming children’s book for 5-7 year-olds and for families with sick pets or children with diabetes. This true story shows the magic of love—how it can transform the lives of humans and animals alike and help us to live with difficulty and illness. With his health well cared for, André can run, play and smile, and bring joy to the one who loves him.


Book Reviews

I gave this book to my four year old granddaughter who is about to have her "big girl shots". She loves animals and loved the story about the dog, and was also really interested in the injections and how they can make you better, or stop you getting sick. I would definitely recommend this book - she has asked me to read it to her again when I see her next!


This is a beautifully written children’s book that sheds light on how to handle all disabilities and illnesses, not just diabetes, and not just for pets. There’s a very simple message in it that even my youngest kid understood: love, and patience, can conquer pretty much anything life throws at you. Wholeheartedly recommend this book.


Janet Mackenzie rated it on Goodreads: *****
This book will definitely appeal to the dog crazy ones among us, as well as the rest of the world! It is beautifully written to tell the story of an adorable little dog who finally ends up in the lap of his new Mum who loves him unconditionally and has been inspired to write his story. Loved it!

Amir Farah rated it on Goodreads:*****
Very inspiring story, i read the book my self and loved it, it shows us the impact of love in our life and others, and the fact that it’s a true story makes it even better to know the author thought/love and self pride as to take it to next level by writing and sharing the story is the strongest message , well done Fernaz and thanks for sharing your very inspiring story. Wish you all the succes. Nov 04, 2018


"As a medical person, my point of view is that this book would be helpful to children with chronic diseases such as diabetes or cancer." — Nassim Jabari


About the Author

Farnaz Zirakbash

Farnaz Zirakbash came to Australia from Iran in 2007 with no family of her own. A risk-taker, she worked her way from washing dishes to becoming a doctor of sociology and an Australian citizen. When she adopted André, this brave little dog brought joy and love into her life. Her true story of the transforming magic of love will inspire families who are facing the challenge of diabetes or have pets who are sick.






The Trouble with André by Farnaz Zirakbash

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