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A Nurse's Tale

Susan C. Hossack


The 2020 pandemic and my recent retirement provided an excellent opportunity to reflect on my nursing career. As an adolescent I never really suffered any great ambition- just managed to keep up with school work, with mixed results. As a child, whenever anyone asked me what I wanted to do when I "grew up", I said I wanted to be a nurse, like my mother.

The Aged Care Industry was my main area of expertise and, fortunately, I have seen many changes for the better over the last thirty years. The personal experience of residents, families and nurses plus issues about building requirements and Standards, lead to a political response with the Government galvanised into action to see owners and nursing staff lift their game. How successful this has been remains to be seen given what has been revealed as a result of the pandemic.



About the Author


Susan lives in country Victoria with her second husband Paul who is a wonderful step-father to her daughter and two sons and their families. Now retired she has plenty of time to help with grandchildren and to reflect on a very fortunate life.



A Nurse's Tale by Susan C. Hossack
ISBN: 978-1-922565-24-2
Format: Paperback 203mm x 133mm
Extent: 188 pages
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Non-fiction -- Nursing
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