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A Paediatrician in Your Pocket

Dr Melvyn Polon

Common Sense information about your baby
Dr Melvyn Polon

Dr. Polon is an Australian paediatrician with more than 25 years’ experience. He teaches medical students, nurses and junior doctors about illnesses in babies. He also teaches what is normal and how babies are different to adults.
It is not possible for you as a parent to know what your doctor knows about illnesses, you would need to go to medical school for this, but it is totally possible for you to know just about everything that your doctor knows about a normal baby. You are entitled to this knowledge, and it is only when you have this basic knowledge that you can begin to trust Mother Nature and to trust your intuition.
This book is exactly what Dr Polon’s students learn about normal babies. It is written in clear, simple and friendly terms. It explains why you see what you are seeing. It informs you when there is a small cause for concern and it explains how you can manage this on your own, and it cautions you when there is a real need to worry.





A Paediatrician in Your Pocket by Dr Melvyn Polon
ISBN: 9781922022110
Format: Paperback 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 152pp
RRP: $32.95
Publisher: Dr Melvyn Polon
Category: Non-Fiction | Medical | Baby Care
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