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Babes in the Water

Stephanie Kalesh with Ric Kalesh

Barging In Europe— The Perfect Baby Boomer Adventure

“Funny, Dramatic, Magical and Crazy—just like Barging.”

What should you do when you’ve never even been in a rowboat, but discover one boring Saturday morning, as you were reading two inches in a travel column, an instant but hitherto totally unknown passion to live and cruise on a barge in Europe? Should you give your Australian life the flick, pack your midlife crisis in two suitcases, kiss family and friends goodbye and grab a plane to the other side of the world to buy a boat?
Absolutely! But where do you start?
Well convincing your husband that he wants to do it too is the first thing.
“Don’t be ridiculous, we’d be complete babes in the woods.”
“Well actually Sweetheart, technically, I think we’d be complete babes in the water.”

A true story about the exhilarating, terrifying and fabulous first year of a live-aboard life on the rivers and canals of Holland, Belgium and France.



Stephanie and Ric Kalesh currently live aboard their converted wooden ferry in southern Tasmania.

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Babes in the Water: Barging In Europe by Stephanie & Ric Kalesh
Format : 310pp 152mm x 229mm PB
RRP : $29.95
ISBN : 9781921787843
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Voyages and travels.
   Baby boom generation--Travel--Europe.
   Boat living--Europe.
   Inland navigation--Europe.
   Europe--Description and travel.