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Cybersecurity Counter-offensive Asia Pacific Guide

Baker & McKenzie


The Cybersecurity Counter-offensive Asia Pacific Guide has been launched in response to a wave of new cybersecurity legislation throughout the Asia Pacific region to regulate and monitor cybersecurity. Knowing the obligations in each jurisdiction and how each relevant regulator or court operates in practice is essential to navigating a response to a data breach incident and understanding which legal remedies may be available and which will be most effective.


Baker & McKenzie has been global since their inception. It is part of their DNA. Their difference is the way they think, work and behave – combining an instinctively global perspective with a genuinely multicultural approach, enabled by collaborative relationships and yielding practical, innovative advice. With 5,300 lawyers in 47 countries, Baker & McKenzie has a deep understanding of the culture of business the world over and are able to bring the talent and experience needed to navigate complexity across practices and borders with ease.




















Making the Connection: Essays on
                            Indigenous Digital Excellence
ISBN: 978-1-925341-76-8
Format: eBook
Extent: 76 pages
Category: Non-fiction


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