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Beyond Pain

Anjelo Ratnachandra

Conquer your pain, reclaim your life

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Beyond Pain is a unique three-part book written by award-winning physiotherapist, Anjelo Ratnachandra.
The first part takes you on Ratnachandra's own extraordinary journey of pain, suffering and recovery. An innocent victim of crime, having been caught in the crossfire of a vicious gang war, Ratnachandra uses his expertise in pain management to aid his recovery and achieve his dream of reaching Everest base camp.
The second part offers his profound knowledge of pain and best-practice pain management, both as a medical professional and as a chronic pain sufferer.
The third part is his successful program that, if followed correctly, has guaranteed benefit.

After two surgeries, my surgeon said I will never run again. No one had answer until I found Beyond Pain. I am now not only running, but also playing football with my son,'
– Nalin, 38, cafe owner and father of two.

Even easy things like driving and hanging out with friends became difficult because of my shoulder. But after following the Beyond Pain program, my shoulder is stronger, I feel more confident, and now I can enjoy a night out despite my pain,'
– Sheena, 21, student..

'Ever since I injured my back at work, I have suffered from chronic pain and depression. I hadn't worked for some years, and had rarely socialised. Then, I found this book. I read the book, followed the program, and within weeks, I felt happier and healthier, which led me to find work. After years of suffering, there is hope again,'
– Sandra, 52, injured worker.

‘Beyond Pain offers fresh insights into what it is like to live with pain, and describes an array of strategies to enable a fully meaningful life despite pain. This book will be valuable not only to persons suffering from persistent pain (and their loved ones) but also to professionals seeking to understand pain coping.’ - Prof Francis J. Keefe, Ph.D, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Professor of Medical Psychology, Director – Duke Pain Prevention and Treatment Research Program (Duke University Medical Center).

‘A comprehensive and research-based approach to one of our community’s most significant health problems. This book offers practical, effective help for those with chronic pain to help themselves.’
– Dr Toby Newton-John, Clinical Psychologist / Senior Lecturer.


‘A blend of personal experience, educational strategies and therapeutic efficacy; a must read.’
– Lester Jones, Pain Physiotherapist.


‘Inspiring story with practical strategies, written by an exceptional individual. Beyond Pain covers all the bases.’
– Dr Jine Perera, Anesthetist.

‘This book is really well written and makes compelling reading. I feel privileged to know you and hats-off for your courage in making your personal experiences available to us and our patients…’
– Dr Lucie Knight, Senior Psychologist.




















This book is one of the first of its type, with links to free instructional videos and other downloads, making it a versatile resource. Have a look at the official clinic website at


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About the Author

Anjelo Ratnachandra - author

Anjelo Ratnachandra was born in Sri Lanka and immigrated to Australia as a child to escape a brutal civil war. Ratnachandra and his family made their home in Glen Waverley, what was then a quiet suburb of Melbourne. He excelled in high school and later graduated from the University of Melbourne with honours before beginning his career as a Physiotherapist. Ratnachandra broadened his knowledge and experience in Physiotherapy by working in private and public clinics in Australia and overseas.

While overseas he pursued his interest in pain management, and after returning to Australia in 2007, he began working in Occupational Rehabilitation. In 2008, he founded Beyond Pain, one of the first private practice chronic pain physiotherapy services in Australia. Beyond Pain has since grown to be more than just a chronic pain service; it also helps people with chronic fatigue and mental illnesses.

Ratnachandra is one of only a few practitioners in the world holding a dual qualification in Physiotherapy and Counselling. He is an award-winning practitioner who has been recognised for his clinical and occupational rehabilitation work. He has assisted in pain studies run by the University of Melbourne and Deakin University (Melbourne), and, has developed ground-breaking concepts such as the Pain Street-Map Analogy, the Life Triad, and the Hierarchy of Being. Further, he has pioneered telehealth, helping clients all over Australia and overseas through videoconferencing. Aside from his clinical and coaching work, Ratnachandra also works with organisations developing wellbeing programs, and, is a popular keynote speaker.

Today, Ratnachandra lives with his family in regional Victoria. He continues to be well respected by his peers and recognised for his work. His vision is to share his knowledge, in particular, his successful pain management program with sufferers all over the world; a vision he is determined to make a reality.



Beyond Pain by Anjelo Ratnachandra

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