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Beyond the Boabs and Bilums

Lynn Hoey-Shelton

Letters of my Life

How does a woman who hails from the edges of a little town in country Queensland end up living in Ballarat … the Kimberleys … the remote mountain valleys and lowlands of Papua New Guinea … and Central Australia?

Take a nurse, add in some romance; splash in some art and poetry; toss in appalling bread-making skills, small planes and an intrepid pilot, spice it up with some cross cultural adventures, a community development advisor with a penchant for driving off-road; throw in a dash of humour and voila!
But what happens when the tough times come? When you find your baby lifeless in the cot? When there’s a plane crash?
This collection of my memoirs is scaffolded by ‘letters’ to a very real friend with a very real story. It is anchored by a faith that seeks to live gently with life’s big questions. It paints a picture often fashioned with large colourful daubs; sometimes a whirling kaleidoscope and occasionally ventures into fine detail.



About the Author

Lynn Hoey-Shelton

Lynn says there are those who are dedicated enthusiasts, and there are those who dabble. A consummate dabbler, Lynn has experimented with oil painting, deooupage, macramé, fabric painting, folk art, calligraphy, quilting and bonsai stages with a touch of academic research, motor bike riding and roller blading! Lynn is a critical care nurse who went over to the dark side and became a sleep scientist! She has experienced life on the edge: on the edge of acceptance and on the edge of her seat, as a passenger in small planes flying over the treetops of the rain forest as the weather deteriorated. A lover of solitude, contemplation and nature, Lynn also loves spending time with her family.



Beyond the Boabs and Bilums by Lynn Hoey-Shelton
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ISBN: 978-1-925681-27-7
Format: Paperback A5 210mm x 148mm
Extent: 246 pages
RRP: $16.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Australian Non-Fiction -- Memoirs


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