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Bible Trek in 80 Days

Deborah Novak


“Winds of hurricane force swept down, catching the boat so that steering was impossible and they were driven in a crazy zig-zag by the storm. Paul, the only one not panicking, told them to keep up their courage: they wouldn’t drown – they would be rescued: God had told them they would run aground on some island….”

Just one of the many hair-raisers from Bible Trek in 80 Days – a book designed to make easier reading of the dramatic history that enlivens the Holy Bible.

From Abraham, chosen by God to found the nation of the Jews, through to Moses, David and all the succeeding kings, to the eternal king, Jesus Christ, who came to earth to rescue us, and on to Paul, a pillar in the newly-sprouting church, the excitement will keep you reading. Continual Bible references will prove the verity of this amazing saga.
You will laugh, you will cry, you will stand in awe at the greatness of God. There are only 78 chapters, not 80; you will need 2 days’ rest at the end, to recover. Enjoy!



About the Author

deborah novak

Deborah enjoyed writing stories even in primary school, and at 15 she entered a competition for writers of young people’s books put on by C.S.S.M. in London.

Her contribution, “Jean’s Black Diamond”, won 2nd prize, and “Son of Diamond” and “Susan’s Conquest” followed, spreading to the Commonwealth and USA, including some translations into German and Norwegian.

As a busy wife and mother Deborah spent most of her spare time leading and writing Bible studies, some of which now make up the series “Bible Trek in 80 Days”. Her style is down-to-earth and sprinkled with humour, while keeping faithful to the Bible text, making pleasant and thought-provoking reading.





Bible Trek in 80 Days by Deborah Novak
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