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Bouncing back when you hit rock bottom

Stephen Dale

What if your freedom, your future and your past were suddenly stripped from you without warning?

Stephen Dale was 21 when his life went over a cliff. Literally. He fell 30 metres onto a rocky beach and sustained shocking injuries – a shattered skull, a dislocated and fractured spine, ruptured internal organs, multiple lacerations and critical blood loss. The desperate attempts of strangers saved his life, and he spent the next five days in a coma and the next seven months in hospital.

When he was finally allowed to go home, Steve discovered that he had become someone he didn’t know. His injuries had taken away his ability to read, write and speak. He was unemployable, unable to move freely and living in the grip of constant pain. Simple acts he once took for granted – dressing himself, making breakfast, – had become excruciatingly difficult. His life was plagued with depression, fear, panic and rage.

Despite these and many more debilitating obstacles, Steve refused to surrender. He committed himself to regaining everything that had been taken from him and living a life of peace, purpose and fulfillment.

In this brutal, controversial and at times hilarious narrative, Steve recounts the 10-year epic struggle to rebuild his broken life.

“Bouncing Back When You Hit Rock Bottom” is compulsory reading for those who wish to change their lives, no matter how overwhelming the obstacles might seem.

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Paul Ritchie

Steve is now the owner of a successful speaking, training and coaching business. He works with corporations, sales teams, sports groups and school students throughout Australia.



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