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Thomas Charles

Volume Two

Four contrasting perspectives on the unassailable uncertainty of life. This second volume in the Casus series continues to explore the interplay between choice and destiny.

Pont Neuf follows Nick Wiseby’s quest for personal autonomy. How could he know his relationship with Elizabeth would change everything?

Frances takes us inside Harold’s mind, which is failing to cope with the disintegration of old age.

The Gift asks another kind of question: Why does Robert believe he has a personal relationship with the voice in his GPS app?

And in Moratorium, five-year-old Sam Muir lies in a hospital bed, dying of liver disease, while his mother Joanna waits for a miracle.



About the Author

Although Thomas Charles’ heritage is deeply British, he was educated in New Zealand and has worked in Australia most of his adult life. He currently resides in Western Australia..

A lawyer by choice (or circumstance?), Charles has travelled extensively in the Europe of his forbears. He is a persistent reader of English literature and began writing stories himself in what he hopes will be the final decade of his professional career.

He is fascinated by the hazardous path we all follow through life, buffeted unceasingly by the winds of fate, yet inexorably led on by our own will towards self-determination.



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Casus - Volume Two by Thomas Charles
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ISBN: 978-1-925952-57-5
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Extent: 222 pages
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Category: Fiction -- Short Stories
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