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The Chronicles of Clara the Cleaner : Don’t forget to cream your elbows!

Ellie Wilkie

“Bums are meant to be fat, and that’s all I have to say about that. They’re meant to be rounded, comfy and padded – I believe the expression is value added.”

So says Clara to her best friend Elsie, as they travel to work as cleaners to the wealthy citizens of Manchester. Travel with them - meet Tartan Annie, Manic Mavis and many others. A delightful book, guaranteed to make you smile.


Ellie Wilkie is still surprised to find herself in Australia at this stage in her life. She is Scottish by birth, but was brought up and educated in Manchester. She is an accomplished artist who graduated from Manchester College of Art in the sixties. She continues to paint, teach art, exhibit and sell her work.

Ellie lived in Scotland for many years with her husband Dave, daughters Lisa and Fiona, and Douglas (the dog who wouldn’t die). She migrated with her husband to Australia by accident in 1998.

In her early sixties she began to write humorous verse. By popular demand in 2006 she wrote her first book “The myth of the vertical stripe – poems for women of a certain age,” followed in 2008 by “There’s only so much you can ask of elastic.”

Her latest book, “Elsie and Clara – Don’t forget to cream your elbows,” is the first in a new series. Her books have led to a new career as a very popular public speaker. She is in great demand for private and charity functions. Her inspiration comes from her own experiences and encounters. Be warned!

If you would like to see examples of Ellie’s written and artistic work, or to book her as a speaker, please visit her website at



The chronicles of  Clara the Cleaner
Published : November 2011
Format : PB A5 94pp
RRP : $20
ISBN : 9781921787812
Publisher : Vivid Publishing
Category : Fiction : Women's Humour
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