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Comfortableness with golf

Christopher Peacock

A collection of experiences from a long golfing life

Chris indicates that most people can hit a golf ball but not so many know how to play golf to the best of their ability. He expands on his experience on the playing of the game not the hitting of a golf ball.
What is the game all about? Well that is a question with a thousand answers but Chris has put together his ideas of what he finds the advantages and disadvantages of courses, players and of greatest importance management and how to make himself as comfortable as possible.

Humour has been a major part of his golfing life and it seems as though sex has been pretty active in most of the clubs where he has been a member.

"June was to me attraction personified. She was a friendly handsome woman who made me feel most comfortable when we were in close proximity or in friendly conversation. In fact she exuded a sensual aura, which undoubtedly affected my game. What a lovely way to have a poor score (poor choice of words)."

“Putting is just hitting a ball across some grass into a hole."
- Fred Johns. Professional. The Whitchurch Golf Club, Wales. 1954.





Comfortableness with golf by Christopher Peacock
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