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Conversations and Adventures

Simone Diston

"In order to find what you seek you must first sometimes take an unknown and unique path to get there."

In our everyday life, we often come across obstacles that we are not sure how we can overcome. In our quest to find an answer, we commonly seek advice from those people that we know and take an emotional journey in order to find a practical solution.

But what if just a simple conversation with a complete stranger could give you those answers that you seek? What if venturing into unknown terrain and taking an unknown path could help you find the answer?

Conversations and Adventures explores this idea through the fictional world of the character. They are all seeking answers. They are all trying to overcome an obstacle to find it.

Through a simple conversation and a simple adventure they are able to find it.

While the stories are fiction, the obstacle that the character must overcome is very real.


About the Author

Simone Diston is currently employed as a full time receptionist/administration assistant.
Conversations and adventures is her first book in which she has been writing for the past two years.
She has always been an ambitious writer and takes inspiration from those people she meets in every day travels.











Conversations and Adventures by Simone Diston
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ISBN: 9781925086416
Format: Paperback B 198mm x 128mm
Extent: 112 pages
RRP: $19.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Australian Fiction.
Distribution: Contact Author