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Mechanical, Spatial & Abstract Reasoning

Craig MacKellar

General aptitude and psychometric testing preparation

This text provides an overview of key principles relating to mechanical, spatial and abstract thought.
The aim is to facilitate the following learning outcomes.

Identify individual elements within a group of elements;

Identify a rule connecting a set of figures;

Complete a number of test questions by applying a rule connecting a set of figures;

Apply techniques aimed at increasing the speed at which logical rules are generated (the faster a person generates solutions, the higher the probability of a correct answer—in a given period of time);

Increase the number of elements a person can keep track of in responding to an item (span capacity). Someone with a larger span capacity than someone else can take into account more figures without making errors and hence has a larger probability of a correct answer.





Mechanical, Spatial and Abstract Reasoning ability is a key element in identifying aspects of person’s general intelligence. That is why the vast majority of psychometric tests will have a component that relates to abstract and spatial reasoning.

This book will provide a measure of eductive ability or fluid intelligence which is relatively independent of specific learning acquired in a particular cultural or educational context.



About the Author

Craig MacKellar

Craig Mackellar B.A. (Training & Development), Cert IV Assessment & Workplace Training is an experienced trainer, instructor and author and the Managing Director of Paragon Corporate Training.
Craig was an officer in the Western Australian Police Service for fifteen years and a WA Police Academy Instructor from 1992 – 1995. Craig has continued to work closely with police, emergency, and other public services in WA through his Security and Training businesses, as well as providing training to the private sector. Paragon Corporate Training is a Registered Training Organisation. Craig has authored a number of successful training books in the fields of numerical reasoning, language use, and mechanical, spatial and abstract reasoning.


Emergency Services Training series

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Mechanical, Spatial & Abstract Reasoning by Craig MacKellar
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