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Dazzled by Dollars

Robert Verlander

The Big End of Town Breaks Bad

Rex Mainprize, CEO of the Do-Rite Organisation, is a dinosaur. All he knows about is making money. A shortcoming his chairman, a former army major-general is all too well aware of. He’s grooming tech-whizz, Primrose Lightfoot, for the top job. Youthful. Vibrant. Someone who can negotiate the minefield of social activism and fight the culture war Do-Rite is always on the wrong side of.

But Rex’s final reckoning arrives when a Do-Rite executive in a far-flung state is arrested for seven brutal murders. Having a murderer in the executive ranks of a banking behemoth is bad for business—more toxic than unwittingly financing paedophiles in the Philippines or selling to the dead.

Dazzled by Dollars is a tale of impending downfall and a window to a high corporate chaparral where appearances are not always what they seem. In a comic nod to The Big Short and Barbarians at the Gate, capital markets luminary, Robert Verlander, shines a singular light on how big organisations roll.


About the Author

Robert Verlander was born in Williamstown where much of the action unfolds in Of White and Shady. While raised in Melbourne he moved to Sydney in 1986 to pursue a career in Financial Markets. He is married with two sons and lives on Sydney’s Lower North Shore at Neutral Bay. 'Dazzled by Dollars' is his second novel.


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Dazzled by Dollars by Robert Verlander
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