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Della Mortika -
Voyage to the Antipodes

Geraldine F Martin

Steampunk Adventures

The Della Morte family, steampunk inventors, set out on a journey from England to Melbourne in the Antipodes in 1888 in their flailing ship Invention. What they expected to be an uneventful trip turns out to be anything but. This is a book for anyone who loves adventure and intrigue set in a steampunk world very different from our own.

This trip should have been so easy. Invention is a state of the art steam-powered flying sailing ship. Sisters Abigail, Beatrix and Zarah are experienced sailors, and with their parents should have made it to the Antipodes in record time. But, who are the pirates who are shadowing them down the coast of Africa and what are they after? Who is the man in the top hat? How many of the Della Mortes will actually reach Melbourne? And what will happen to them when they get there? Voyage to the Antipodes is a steampunk adventure for lovers of resourceful, colourful heroes and mysterious and hideously wicked villains.


About the Author

Geraldine Martin was born in Melbourne and has lived most of her adult life in the Canberra region where she raised three children, worked in public service and created hats and quilts. These days she writes stories and scripts with her two cats in her studio, which is located right in the centre of her garden in the country. She and her daughter Marisa co-created the Della Morte Sisters and are in the middle of bringing them to life through writing, animation and film. This is her first novel.









Della Mortika - Voyage to the Antipodes by Geraldine F Martin

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ISBN: 978-1-925171-08-2
Format: Paperback + eBook
Extent: 170 pages
RRP: Paperback $19.99 / ebook $9.99
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Young Adults--Fiction.