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Devil's Encore

Martin John

Danger is brewing on the streets of Belfast

It is ten years since peace came to Northern Ireland but not everybody is happy with the transformation. An alliance of dissident republicans and Jihadists is plotting a fresh campaign to force a final British withdrawal from Ireland. Having stumbled across the plot, Belfast journalist Terry Casey, who survived a bombing as a child, is once more a target.
    Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) unveils a Dubai-based arms deal with links to the U.S. and Ireland. Before long, its sister service MI5, along with the FBI and Ireland’s Special Detective Unit is engaged in a desperate race to catch the organisers and abort looming disaster.
    As the killings mount across the globe, it is hard to friend from foe. The insurgents hold the political high ground, especially at the United Nations, where they make hay with accusations of racism and xenophobia. As the security net closes on the plot leaders, the authorities check up some significant wins but are still struggling to interdict an arms shipment to the terrorists in Ireland.
    As the drama reaches its climax, unseen links between the Troubles and events in Belfast thirty years later come to light, helping to explain the actions of current players on both sides of the contest. But many more will die before this happens.

About the Author

Born and raised in Belfast where he lived through the Troubles, Martin John’s work as an academic took him around the world before he moved permanently to Australia.  Now retired, but in his working life the author of many academic books and papers, he wrote this novel, which began as non-fiction, as his first venture into fiction. His interests include history and politics in particular Irish history and culture, the Western canon, travel, and football, both Australian Rules and what is known in the Antipodes as soccer.








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ISBN: 978-1-922409-26-3 (ebook edition)
Format: eBook (epub + mobi)
Extent: 411 pages
RRP: USD $2.99
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Fiction / Political thriller