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Duck and the Big Wave

Rick Caine

Duck loves to surf more than anything else in the world. Unfortunately he is terrified by the big crashing waves. Duck’s only way to overcome his fear is to ride the big monsters! With the help of an unexpected storm, Duck might just have to find his bravery quicker than he would have liked.

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Rick Caine started his career as a Freelance Cartoonist, originally submitting spot cartoons to Surf magazines and Newspapers. In 1996 he created a Cartoon strip called Duck and Putty , a comic strip about two surfing buddies dealing with their own social flaws and inadequacies.

And even though Rick is perpetually inspired by the global and social phenomenon known as 'surf culture', he confesses his original and sole reason for writing and illustrating Duck and the big wave was to enjoy the reading experience with his two young children.



Duck and the Big Wave
Published : December 2011
Format : 230mm x 200mm 16pp
RRP: $17.99
ISBN : 9781921787751 Hardcover
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Chidlrens Fiction
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