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Essence of Beauty

Michelle LeGrand

This is the unique and gripping story of three very capable and exceptionally beautiful young women, all completely diverse who are linked together by one common thread – Hademar Baum’s 17th century compilation of paintings called ‘Die Essence Von Schonheit,’ which simply translates as Essence of Beauty.

Chanel Lexington is the recluse daughter of media mogul Robert Lexington, who finds herself unwittingly drawn into the underground world of international art theft when her father is targeted by Alex York and his team after acquiring Baum’s second creation in the ‘Die Essence Von Schonheit’ series. Chanel quickly finds herself out of her depth when she almost loses her life, causing a well designed mutiny to transpire against Alex as a result.

Geneva Greene is aptly chosen to play the role of Chanel Lexington in the screen play adaptation of the story ‘Essence of Beauty’ after Robert Lexington unscrupulously sells his story: After the betrayal, Alex York cunningly approaches Robert and they come to an arrangement, whereby Alex reveals in full the details of the heist and his daughter’s involvement. Robert then cleverly off loads the story in the hope of flushing out his daughter and recoup losses from the theft of his art piece.

Sienna Redding is the talented jazz singer who was hired by Chanel Lexington to play for Robert’s fiftieth birthday on the night of the heist. She is the only one of the women who has had direct contact with both Chanel and Geneva and her band ‘Passion’ is rehired fittingly for the filming of the movie. In the end, unbeknown to the rest of the world, she finds herself standing in a room with both women which ultimately will lead to a twist that will see the demise of Alex York.

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Michelle LeGrand

Michelle Le Grand was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1975 and is a qualified TAFE Teacher of Business and Business Administration along with Training and Assessment.  She currently resides with her family in the country town of Kingaroy in Queensland, and enjoys writing Adult Fiction similar to the style of Jeffrey Archer with a touch of Cassandra King.  She has recently been celebrated on ABC’s Australian Story for her involvement in the forming of aircraft manufacturing company - Dean Wilson Aviation Ltd.



Essence of Beauty by Michelle LeGrand
Published : JULY 2010
Format : 254pp Pbk
RRP: $23.95
ISBN : 9780980757897
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Adult Fiction
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