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Eve's 30 Dates

Eve Wilson & Michelle Manning

Chronicles of an Internet Dater

Eve’s 30 Dates is an honest, funny, crazy and romantic look at the world of internet dating with some very helpful tips along the way.

Two marriages down and aged 40, Eve decides to delve into THE INTERNET DATING WORLD!

Eve was trusting and naïve when she embarked on this adventure, but soon uncovered a complex world of cagey players and dodgy encounters. Now more worldly and wise, she knows how the game is played, is now the player, and is prepared to spill the beans.


About the Authors

Eve Wilson is a Brisbane resident and first-time author. At only 40 years of age she is a veteran of two marriages and has five children. Having recently gained her second divorce, she embarked on an internet dating adventure, which brought such extreme highs and lows that she decided to record the experience for the future instruction of others who may decide to follow her path. 

Michelle Manning
 is older, questionably wiser, and has watched Eve’s adventures with great interest, wondering whether she could ever be so daring













Eve's 30 Dates by Eve Wilson
ISBN: 9781925171662
Format: Paperback B+ 203mm x 133mm
Extent: 120 pages
RRP: $19.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Internet Dating -- Coupling
Distribution: out of print