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Chris Dreyfus

Three Darkly Humorous Novellas

Three Sydney-ites muddle through a comedy of errors discovering their vulnerabilities and revealing their personal foibles. This is a calamitous, darkly amusing series of interconnected novellas. Read them as distinct stories or as a suite.

Sybil’s Unrest
Sybil is stuck in her bourgeois, mopey rut with a horrible husband, Frank. Still, she has a low golf handicap. Her current reading matter, Jane Austen’s Emma, is offering some guidance - or is it? Until now, inaction has been Sybil’s default, but her world is about to turn pear-shaped when she least expects it. She may avoid the bunkers, but can she keep clear of the rough?

The Occidental
David has taken to drinking and brooding in the company of his only friend. Is Frank really a friend? David is astonished that his wife, Audrey, doesn’t like him anymore and would rather enjoy a bit of me-time. Arrangements are made to travel overseas. Instead, he retreats to an odd city hotel when plans don’t pan out.

Plunder is a miserable so-and-so who, fortunately for him, has a delightful wife called Rebel and a long-suffering, genius son, Nick. From Plunder’s point of view, any kind of social interaction is bound to take a dive at some point. They have a dinner party where events go belly-up. Oh, and what’s this about bees?

The protagonists cross each other’s paths over one tragic, crazy, ultimately redemptive day.





About the Author

Chris Dreyfus is an Australian writer of fiction and a visual artist. His characters drive the narratives of his fiction, often with a good dose of dark humour. He has produced short stories and several novellas. Shortlisted for a short story prize in 2017, he has also published shorts in the literary magazines - Field of Words, The Honest Ulsterman, Blood & Bourbon and Every Day Fiction.



Foibles by Chris Dreyfus
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ISBN: 978-1-922788-96-2
Format: Paperback + eBook
Extent: 300 pages
RRP: $25.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Black Humour / Satire
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