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Forever 21

Kathy Divine

The Empowering Guide to Reclaiming Your Youth, Beauty, Health, Happiness and Spirituality.

“A wonderful and inspiring story from someone who has been through so much yet emerged the stronger for it. She fearlessly tells the truth about what it takes to achieve good health.”
Mark Berriman, co-editor, Natural Health and Vegetarian Life magazine

Forever 21 is the empowering guide to reclaiming your youth, beauty, health, happiness and spirituality. The eight Forever 21 Principles give you the tools you need to create a happier and healthier you!
If you are ready to reclaim your power and reach your full potential on every level, this is the book for you!
After being repeatedly told for many years that she looks younger than her age, the author decided to document her lifestyle tips for maintaining a youthful look. Also included are interviews by leading experts in the fields of health, wellness and fitness who are focused on empowering people to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives.

“Hooray for vegans! We look younger, we are healthier, we live longer, we boycott animal cruelty, and we slow climate change. Bravo Kathy for spreading the good word!”
Lisa Bloom
Lawyer and media personality, legal analyst for CBS news and CNN

“I finished your book tonight and absolutely loved it! It was so informative, easy to read and I finished reading it feeling very uplifted, full of joy for life and inspired to enjoy each day and love myself fully. Thank you!”
Amanda Rootsey, Fashion model



Forever 21: Kathy Divine
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Published : FEBRUARY 2011
Format : PB B-format 216pp
RRP: $19.95
ISBN : 9781921787294
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Non Fiction | Self Improvement