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From Loss to the AfterLife

Elizabeth Geyson

A journey of faith, hope and clarity

From Loss to the AfterLife is a personal and restorative aid to Loss & Grief with  the comforting clarity of an AfterLife experience through personal and channelled familiarities .

Loss of a pet, precious object health, beauty or the many losses endured by us throughout life, can affect children and even babies.

I purposefully leave Loss of a Loved One until a later chapter, not because I couldn't face it, although I have found Loss of our parents to be unlike any other passing, but because it encompasses all Losses.

An evolving Metaphysical happening which, in time, can become something rather wonderfully fulfilling, if we can accept and go with a process which is transferred out of our hands and into our hearts and minds.

Our connection with our Beloved has a different energy now by which we can reconnect. Through trust and belief, creative loving feelings can again be reciprocated through this transformative re connection. Our love can live on eternally.



About the Author

Elizabeth Geyson

After studying Counselling and majoring in Loss and Grief, Elizabeth became fascinated how the mind, body and Spirit can work together in a healing alliance.
Finding this synergy interesting and very individualistic, this new approach to Loss produced a unique buoyancy which could assist people suffering from emotional overwhelm. Fundamentally faceted, this new approach of practical compassionate thought and action can provide creative alchemic assistance for refresh and change going forward.



From Loss to Afterlife by Elizabeth Geyson

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ISBN: 978-1-922788-06-1
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